Gold kiosk by Gold Cube Innovations

The Gold Kiosk is a Gold Cube Innovations, LLC technology.

With years of field experience and Research & Development, we took a long, stained, unpleasant process that resulted in frustration and lack of trust, and we transformed it into a self-service, a convenient, fast, and scientifically accurate transaction that helps consumers get an unemotional, unbiased offer based on the item’s purity solely.

Improving the secondary transaction process is the first step to gold sustainability. Belowground gold resources are limited and rapidly declining. As it stands, known resources will be depleted in approximately twenty (20) years.

Fortunately, gold is virtually indestructible, and 60% of all the gold ever mined is in the form of jewelry or coins, making it the perfect candidate for recycling. Twenty-five percent of the gold production comes from recycling, but that’s not enough.
If we were to recycle just 2 to 3% each year, the gold could be genuinely sustainable.

We, Gold Cube Innovations, with the Gold Kiosk, hope to fuel that growth and be one of the biggest suppliers of recyclable gold.