With gold’s importance in value to the world we live in, the testing and trading of this precious metal was bound to evolve. Going into this venture, our vision was to make people feel comfortable using our automated kiosk. The color scheme, the animations, even the transition between steps were designed specifically to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

We knew what the standard banking ATM experience was and we made it better. Email receipts allow the user to quickly get a copy of their transaction while affording the ability to retrieve at a later date. Receiving automated cash has never been easier. Gold Kiosk is the first of its kind, making precious metal automated testing.

The Gold Kiosk is a beautiful blend of complex software and integrated robotics in a sophisticated package that makes it a one of a kind achievement. It’s almost impossible to describe the range of gold and silver the kiosk can test. Our carefully crafted User Interface makes even the daunting task of a multi item sales easy. Advances in every technology has allowed the Gold Kiosk to be the first to automate this process. The kiosk can access almost any product presented with a high degree of accuracy.

The Gold Kiosk's Value Proposition

In 2015, U.S sales of gold and silver jewelry were 78.8 Billion dollars. Pawnshops alone accounted for 9.6 Billion dollars (50% of all sales). However, many are reluctant to sell their old watch or jewelry for fear of not receiving a reasonable offer for their items, unless absolutely necessary.

The Gold Kiosk is in a unique position to capture this untapped audience and a significant market share of those who are looking to recycle their unwanted jewelry or coin for instant cash.

The Company believes the deployment of the Gold Kiosk ATM will have a competitive advantage over pawnshops and jewelers in the buying of jewelry, coin and precious metals because of:

  • Lower company overhead (no storefront)
  • Lower personnel costs (minimal payroll)
  • Fewer assay calculation errors

Kiosk Software

The Gold Kiosk’s proprietary software uses the world market price, allowing pricing intelligence that surpasses that of traditional pawn shops and jewelry stores. Customers are guaranteed to always receive the highest payout for their unwanted jewelry or precious metals. The Gold Kiosk software also dramatically reduces human error and ensures consistency across all kiosks. By capturing real-time customer images, jewelry item images, digital fingerprints and electronic signatures, the Gold Kiosk is able to auto-generate most State and Federal Law Enforcement Second-Hand Dealer forms, in order to aid law enforcement and local communities , should the need ever arise.

Powerful management modules built into the Gold Kiosk software, allows the monitoring, reporting, and analyzing of the entire business:- in one central location. The integrated reports- track important business metrics such as: sales, profit, inventory and holding-periods, by location, country, customer and precious metal type (i.e Gold or Silver). The real-time analysis of key performances and financial indicators- makes the Gold Kiosk software, a leader in the “we buy gold” / “we buy silver” precious metal industry.

The Gold Kiosk ATM

Gold Kiosk ATMs utilize state-of-the-art instruments, along with its company patented algorithm, to allow each machine to produce a highly accurate determination of the exact amount of real gold or silver in any piece of jewelry or coin. The Gold Kiosk tracks:

  • total time a customer spent on the machine
  • accepted offers vs rejected offers
  • successful transactions vs failed transactions
  • reason for the failed transactions

Tracking these metrics enables the Gold Kiosk AI to constantly improve on its UX (user experience) and reduce customer “wait-times”.

User Interface

In April 2018, Gold Kiosk launched an Interactive Teller Machine feature called Live Agent.. This feature enables Gold Kiosk to offer its customers an unparalleled video customer service, closing the “intimacy gap.” Customers now have the choice of self-service or connecting with a remote video teller live agent in a highly personalized, two-way audio/video interaction. Gold Kiosk has already seen revenue growth and increased sales in its first six (6) months since the rolling out of the Video Teller Agent.

Having a video teller agent allows for real-time customer service. The video teller agent is able to see the customer, their jewelry, and their entire transaction while using the Gold Kiosk machine. Any questions or concerns the customer might have about selling their jewelry can be answered immediately by the agent. Also, the video teller agent can assist the customer, if any functionality problems occur while they are using the machine.

Although the Gold Kiosk user interface (UI) is extremely user friendly in terms of “how to sell a piece of jewelry”, occasionally there will be customers who need help throughout the process. The video teller agent dramatically increases Conversion Rates, as the chances of missing a sale due to customer simply not knowing how to use the machine correctly, is great diminished.

The Gold Kiosk Live Agent is proprietary, and was developed using WebRTC. Using peer 2 peer audio and video streaming, Gold Kiosk can deliver 420p quality video assistance to any customer, that might need a question answered about the process of selling their gold or silver jewelry.