As registered secondhand dealers, each Gold Kiosk offers full cooperation with all law enforcement agencies providing all information at our disposal to assist in an investigation. 

  • Reporting Process

    All transactions information are reported to Law Enforcement agencies in a timely manner using the preferred method, manually, electronically (FinderPawn, Finder, etc)

  • Kiosk Access, no warrants or subpoenas

    Any Law Enforcement Officer with valid credentials can request a member of our team to meet them at the kiosk to open any kiosk. We do not require a search warrant or subpoena, and we will provide any item(s) and associated records to law enforcement in our possession upon request.

  • 30-day holding period

    Gold Kiosk holds all inventories collected for a minimum of 30 days. We will hold inventories for longer if required. Once the hold period has passed, we ship the items to our headquarters for processing.

  • Return of reported stolen items

    Any reported stolen item requested from law enforcement will be quickly and diligently returned.

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